Who Will Speak Up for the Unborn?

Those of us who follow Jesus Christ claim that we maintain the sanctity of human life. When it comes to the issue of abortion, we recognize it for what it is: the taking of a human life; killing; murder. We have strong moral and ethical convictions and we back them up with Scripture and our consciences that are being formed by the Holy Spirit to reflect the character of God. We know the arguments and can articulate them well. For us, the issue of abortion has already been dealt with and defeated—intellectually—but to what effect?

For those of us who fall into the above category and who believe we understand the heart of God on the issue of abortion, what impact has our position made on our culture? Have our personal or collective beliefs, convictions and rhetoric made any dent in curbing the number of abortions conducted every year? Since the Rowe vs. Wade decision in 1973, we—as a nation—have the blood of over 54,000,000 babies on our hands. When is enough, enough? When will we realize that our personal and even collective position on abortion, in and of itself, makes no strategic difference? We must speak up.

Recently, I was reading the book, Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy by Erick Metaxas and Timothy Keller. Much more than a biography, the book also recounts the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party in Germany and the human rights atrocities they were committing. Then, I landed on the following quote. Count Helmut von Moltke, a committed follower of Christ, after documenting many human rights abuses that were being committed by the Nazi regime, wrote: “Certainly more than a thousand people are murdered…every day, and another thousand German men are habituated to murder…what shall I say when I am asked: ‘And what did you do during this time?’” (Page 393)

Upon reading that quote, I too was immediately stricken in conscience about our situation. “In the US, more than 3700 babies are murdered every day, and an equal or greater number of men and women are habituated to murder. What shall I say when I am asked: ‘And what did you do doing this time?’” Am I over-reacting or being too sensitive about this matter? What does the Scripture say?

Leviticus provides instructions on God’s moral and ceremonial laws for His people, Israel. As followers of Christ, we’re aware that we’re no longer under obligation to the Law of Moses. However, we also know that all Scripture is God-breathed and that Leviticus contains truths that are as relevant for us today as they were for ancient Israel.

One of the most common phrases we encounter in Leviticus (49 times) is: “I am the Lord.” Why does God continually remind Israel (and us) that He is the Lord? Leviticus 11:44 reveals the reason: “I am the LORD your God; consecrate yourselves and be holy, because I am holy.” I believe we could rightly summarize the book of Leviticus by saying that in this book, God reveals His holiness, His holy character. And furthermore, He urges us as His people to be like Him. “Be holy, because I am holy.” God’s desire for our holiness, or to be like Him in character, is repeated in the New Testament (1 Peter 1:14-16).

Having established that Leviticus reflects and teaches us God’s character and His will for us to become holy in our character and conduct, consider the following: “If anyone sins because they do not speak up when they hear a public charge to testify regarding something they have seen or learned about, they will be held responsible.” (Leviticus 5:1) Notice what’s going on this statement. We have either seen or learned about something evil—a crime committed. If we sin because we do not speak up about it…we will be held responsible! This is a character of God issue for us today. “Be holy as I am holy!”

I urge us to confess our sin of not speaking out against abortion. I’m not talking about being militant or evil ourselves by attacking those who perform abortions, are pro-abortion, or submit themselves to abortion. All these individuals are victims. They have been deceived to rationalize that it’s okay to kill an unborn child. We need to love them and pray for them and we need to seek every righteous means possible to rescue the innocent.

Here’s what we can do:
• Pray!

  • Love and pray for those who have been wounded by an abortion experience
  • Pray vicarious prayers of repentance on behalf of our nation
  • Pray that God would convict our nation of the lie of abortion as a viable option
  • Pray for Life Services and other front-lines organizations who are making a difference

• Watch the 180 Movie and send the link to other people you know:  www.heartchanger.com
• Read Randy Alcorn’s book, Why Pro-Life? (Amazon.com) and pass it on to others.
• Read Rob Fischer’s book, 13 Jars (Amazon.com) and pass the copy along to others.
• Volunteer with and give to a pregnancy center in your community. They are making a real difference by saving babies and mothers!

© 2012 Rob Fischer

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1 Melody { 05.27.12 at 3:18 pm }

Rob, last night Perry and I watched 180 , we were both moved to tears and were greatly impressed with the “persuasive” arguments presented. This morning I happened to read heapofstones “who will speak for the unborn” and am further convicted that I have done so little to profess and defend my belief in the sanctity of life. In addition, also just yesterday, and probably not coincidentally, I was listening to a discussion on Moody Radio with Jill Brisco about ministries that God may lead us to that we never expected to be led to, and that we are not to ignore His clearly spoken Word to us. Thank you for your passion for God’s Word and for knowing what you will answer when asked ” what did you say during this time?”.