Romans 1:1-17

Paul writes this amazing letter to the Roman followers of Christ because he cannot restrain himself from proclaiming the Good News of God! Look at all Paul reveals to us about this Good News of God in first few paragraphs of his letter. (Romans 1:1-17 NLT)

  • Paul was chosen by God to proclaim His Good News—1:1
  • God promised this Good News long ago through His prophets in the holy Scriptures—1:2
  • The Good News is about God’s Son Jesus, who is both a descendent of King David and the one and only Son of God—1:3-4
  • God intends His Good News for all nations everywhere, that people might believe His Good News, obey Him and bring glory to His name—1:5
  • Paul’s calling, passion and privilege is to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ—1:15-16
  • The Good News of Jesus Christ is God’s power at work to save all who believe—1:16
  • This Good News tells us how God makes us right in His sight—namely through faith in Jesus—1:17

People long for some good news in a world filled with bad news that’s sensationalized to sound even worse! People want to hear of an improving economy, a peaceful settlement in a war-torn land, rain with promise of future crops where drought has prevailed, emotional relief in a life ravaged by grief and turmoil. As refreshing as all those examples of good news sound, they pale in comparison with the Good News that God has for us.

The Good News that God has promised and carefully prepared for us transcends our physical, emotional and social needs and at the same time does not leave those unattended. God’s Good News shows us once and for all how to be reconciled with Him, our Creator. He wants us to be in right standing with Him.

One would think that God would demand a high price for right standing with Him. And in fact He did—but the price was so high, we could not pay it. So God paid the price for us through His Son Jesus. And what does He ask of us? Believe. Trust Jesus. Put your faith in Him. Accept that God’s payment for sin was satisfied in the death of His Son Jesus and humbly thank Him!

Father, thank You for Your Good News! Thank You for giving us right standing with You through Your Son Jesus. We do believe and place our trust and faith in Him. Thank You!

© 2009 Rob Fischer