Six Ways to Revitalize Your Marriage!


1. Recognize that marriage is hard work, so stick with it and give it your best efforts! When our kids were little we were having a discussion about marriage around the dinner table. Our older two children indicated that, yes, they wanted to get married some day. When we asked our youngest son (who was about six at the time) whether he would some day marry, he pondered that question thoughtfully and stated, “I don’t know if I’ll get married. Marriage is hard work! I think I’ll get a job instead.” Linda and I pray that it wasn’t our marriage that gave him the idea that marriage is so hard! Anyways, after the laughter subsided, we had to agree with our six-year-old psychiatrist—marriage is hard work! So roll up your sleeves and put into your marriage the work required to make it great!

2. Tell your spouse you love him/her often (multiple times every day). Guys, don’t give me any baloney like, “I don’t need to tell her I love her, she already knows it.” Tell your sweetheart you love her! She needs and wants to hear you say it.

3. Go out on dates regularly. Enjoy each other’s company. Hold hands, be romantic. Make your times together special. Don’t let anything get in the way. She/he is worth it!

4. Look for concrete ways to serve each other selflessly. One of the biggest reasons marriages get stale is because we become self-absorbed. The best way out that downward spiral is to serve your spouse lovingly, joyfully and selflessly. Do it!

5. Listen to each other attentively. Listen to each other actively: maintain eye contact, eliminate distractions, employ empathy and great non-verbals. Listen to her/him attentively and caringly. A tip for you husbands, your wife will often share problems with you that you can’t fix, so don’t try to fix them. Simply love her, reassure her, hold her and tell her things will be alright.

6. Pray with each other. Guys, take the lead on this. Look for and step into opportunities to pray with each other. In this way you’ll grow in your relationship with God together. Thank God for the wonderful gift of your wife in her hearing. Make most of these prayers short and sweet!

©2009 Rob Fischer