Rob’s Review: “The End of Reason” by Ravi Zacharias

the-money-testRob’s Review: The End of Reason by Ravi Zacharias

Do not read Zacharias’ book unless you’re a thinker! In The End of Reason Ravi Zacharias masterfully challenges what he calls the New Atheism. This brand of atheism prefers malicious mockery and caustic, prejudiced ranting over logical thinking. Zacharias argues head to head with Sam Harris referring to Harris’ recently published book, Letter to a Christian Nation, and neatly dismantles the house of straw that Harris so audaciously erected.

Although this New Atheism touts tolerance as its chief virtue, Zacharias comments, “I have always found it fascinating how relativists who say they love the idea of tolerance ultimately reveal themselves to be among the most bigoted.” (Zacharias, p. 14)

A strong element of Zacharias’ short but powerful treatise calls us back to the disciplines of sound logic and applying that logic across all arguments. Failure to apply logic can represent either sloppy thinking or intentional deception. For example, Zacharias warns, “If you know enough about a subject, you can confuse anybody by a selective use of the facts.” (Zacharias, p. 38)

Through cogent reasoning, Zacharias also exposes the inevitable conclusions to which this New Atheism leads. New Atheism logically results in a life void of meaning and without morality.

 I highly recommend Zacharias’ book, The End of Reason! Ravi Zacharias, The End of Reason (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2008).

©2010 Rob Fischer