Growing closer to God through his Word

We don’t typically view the study of the Word relationally, but more intellectually, scientifically, grammatically, culturally and historically. To be sure, all of those disciplines come to our aid in understanding the meaning of the text for the original reader and then for us. However, because the Bible is God’s Word—his communication to us—we cannot rightly approach the Bible apart from relationship with its Author. This viewpoint is not optional but foundational for studying God’s Word.

I would further add, that if we come to God’s Word with a purpose other than getting to know him better, we may be studying it for the wrong reasons. Even a life time of study will not unearth all the gems that God’s Word has to offer us. But those gems are not merely “nuggets of knowledge” but jewels of God’s character and works through which we can know, love and enjoy him better.

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