26 Great Reasons to Join a Small Group! (Reasons 21-26)

21. Small groups provide a way for us to be involved in something greater than ourselves! This past Christmas a small group rallied around a family that was hurting financially due to an onslaught of medical bills. This small group gave generously to provide a Christmas for this family! The noteworthy thing about this incident is that the majority of the small group members had never met this needy family. Small groups truly do give us opportunities to be a part of something bigger than ourselves!

22. Small groups cultivate an environment in which the Lord is present with us! Jesus said in Matthew 18:20, “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” When the Twin Towers came down in the awful terrorist attack on the US in 2001, my wife and I met a couple of days later with our small group of young single adults. With the emotions of this horrible tragedy still raw in our minds and hearts, we gathered together that evening to worship and pray to the One who could make sense of it all. We spent the evening simply worshiping God, praying for the victims and their families and for our nation. The sense of God’s presence among us was overwhelming.

23. Small groups often give us the opportunity to watch God draw the unsaved to Himself.  Many years ago, when my wife and I were missionaries in Austria, a young lady began attending a small group in our home as a guest of one of our small group members. For the first few weeks Sabrina simply sat on the couch with her head down and her hands in her lap. She didn’t say a word and wouldn’t establish eye-contact with anyone. Frankly, I was surprised she continued to come, but we extended her love and included her in any way we could. Then, slowly, over a period of many weeks, Sabrina began to open up. She had a Bible with her, would read with us and began to enter into conversations. She often asked tough, probing questions. Finally, one week she came with a big smile on her face and announced that she had surrendered her life to Christ! Over the next months and years, it was our privilege to watch Sabrina grow in her relationship with Christ and with others.

24. Small groups offer deep, meaningful fellowship and good, clean fun! When my wife and I lived in Alaska, we led a small group of young single adults. One of our traditions was to take a midnight hike thru Conner’s Bog every New Year’s Eve. Such a trek through the frozen trails of this bog were fun and a bit crazy! The moonlight reflecting off the snow usually sufficed so that we didn’t need flashlights or headlamps. Sometimes we’d encounter a moose! But we had a blast together simply spending time with each other and enjoying God’s beautiful creation.

25. Small groups provide an opportunity for its members to serve one other! Acts 2:44-45, “All the believers were together and had everything in common. They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need.” Each week our small group members take turns serving one another by bringing hors d’oeuvres and sharing with each other in other creative and hospitable ways. These small, hospitable acts of kindness allow us to demonstrate Christ’s love by serving one another. There’s also something about eating together that brings a group together in sweet fellowship!

26. Finally, small groups help us identify and equip new and more leaders in the church. Nothing stretches a follower of Jesus like being asked to lead others into deeper relationship with Christ! Leading small groups can be a tremendous joy, but also can provide significant challenges. As we identify and train new leaders, they experience their relationship with Christ and others in new, exciting and sometimes stretching ways. And as a result, everybody wins–the small group leader, his/her small group members, and the church as a whole!

©2012 Rob Fischer