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Please help yourself to any of the tools and resources on this page. Although most of the items are copyrighted, you may make as many copies as you need. Please let us know how these tools are helpful and please make suggestions for additional tools we might offer.

Lifestyle Benchmark (for Strategies for Discipleship)

Lifestyle Benchmark


Path of Life–A 12 Step Recovery Program

Path of Life is a 12 step recovery program written by Greg Grebe of Anchorage, Alaska. Check out Greg’s fresh and biblical approach to leading people out of addictions.

pdf-icon1 Path of Life


When a Church Goes Corporate

What happens when a church decides to follow the model of a for profit corporation? Check out this thought provoking article!




Navigating the Bible

Navigating the Bible equips a person in how the Bible is organized and how to find a Bible reference.

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Relational Principles of Biblical Interpretation

A brief article that challenges the notion that we can correctly interpret Scripture solely by applying”scientific” hermeneutical principles. Since God’s Word is his communication to us, our relationship with him is crucial to our proper understanding.


James Study

This is a nine-week inductive Bible study in the book of James geared at leveraging God’s Word to change us. Includes discussion questions and notes.


Strategies for Discipleship

Strategies for Discipleship is a seven-week small group curriculum that targets the skills of the disciple-maker. A pdf version of Strategies for Discipleship is provided below for your review. If you’d like to purchase copies, please click on: https://www.createspace.com/3709500

Strategies for Discipleship pdf  Lifestyle Benchmark


Our Impossible Dream

This short article emphasizes the necessity of agape love among followers of Christ. Our love for each other is the key to reaching the world for Christ!


Experience Advent!


Uncommon Cents

Uncommon Cents is a nine-week curriculum targeting personal finances. Use it as an individual study or small group curriculum.

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