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Get Rob’s Book: Enthralled with God!

Enthralled with God

God created us for relationship with him, but what does that look like? How do we interact with God? What does he expect from us? We are to love God, but what is this about enjoying him? Two-way communication is a hallmark of any relationship, so how does communication function in our relationship with God? How does God speak to us? How do we recognize his voice? What do we do with what he tells us? Rob seeks to answer all these questions and more through the Scriptures and lots of examples from his own life, so that you too may be enthralled with God!

Enthralled with God–Cultivating a Joy-Filled Relationship with Him is available on Amazon.com! You will find the book in both soft-cover and e-version.

Below is the brief introduction from this book that I’m sure you’ll want to read. [Read more →]

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Rob’s Review: “The End of Reason” by Ravi Zacharias

the-money-testRob’s Review: The End of Reason by Ravi Zacharias

Do not read Zacharias’ book unless you’re a thinker! In The End of Reason Ravi Zacharias masterfully challenges what he calls the New Atheism. This brand of atheism prefers malicious mockery and caustic, prejudiced ranting over logical thinking. Zacharias argues head to head with Sam Harris referring to Harris’ recently published book, Letter to a Christian Nation, and neatly dismantles the house of straw that Harris so audaciously erected.

Although this New Atheism touts tolerance as its chief virtue, Zacharias comments, “I have always found it fascinating how relativists who say they love the idea of tolerance ultimately reveal themselves to be among the most bigoted.” (Zacharias, p. 14) [Read more →]

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Why We Must Think Rightly About God

why we must think rightly about GodWhether you are familiar with A.W. Tozer or not I think you will enjoy the following. Tozer wrote the book The Knowledge of the Holy. Below is the first chapter of that book entitled, Why we must think rightly about God. This is my first attempt at bringing his early 20th century writing into 21st century language. His original work can be fairly tedious to read for most today. Please let me know what you think by your comments. Should I continue the project and complete the updating/editing of Tozer’s book?

The Knowledge of the Holy by A. W. Tozer

Chapter 1: Why We Must Think Rightly About God

Lord God Almighty! I call upon you not as a god of our own making. You are the One revealed and proclaimed by the prophets and apostles, and best of all, by your own Son Jesus Christ!

Those who don’t know you call on you as someone other than who you really are. They do not worship you but a creature of their own imagination. Therefore reveal yourself to us that we may know you as you truly are so that we will love you and praise you fittingly.

In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. [Read more →]

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