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Enthralled with God

God created us for relationship with him, but what does that look like? How do we interact with God? What does he expect from us? We are to love God, but what is this about enjoying him? Two-way communication is a hallmark of any relationship, so how does communication function in our relationship with God? How does God speak to us? How do we recognize his voice? What do we do with what he tells us? Rob seeks to answer all these questions and more through the Scriptures and lots of examples from his own life, so that you too may be enthralled with God!

Enthralled with God–Cultivating a Joy-Filled Relationship with Him is available on Amazon.com! You will find the book in both soft-cover and e-version.

Below is the brief introduction from this book that I’m sure you’ll want to read.


A few years ago, a young woman named Amy was living with us. One evening we heard the front door open and my wife and I went to the top of the stairs to greet Amy. She was returning home from discipleship training at our church. I called down to her and asked her how it went.

Amy had a huge grin on her face and stood there speechless for a moment. Then she blurted out, “I’ve been a Christian for many years, but tonight I discovered that I can enjoy God!—This changes everything!”

It’s true! Enjoying God, being enthralled with him does change everything! My experience and that of countless others have been every bit as dramatic and life-changing.

If you long to know God more deeply, seeing him as your joy and delight, then this book is for you! You are embarking on a great adventure with God!

© 2010 Rob Fischer

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Quest Summary

Quest was originally a sermon series designed by Karl Clauson, Dan Jarrell and Rob Fischer at ChangePoint church in Anchorage, Alaska. Thousands found the message of Quest dramatically life-changing as it propelled them forward in their walk with Christ. Now Quest is available in book format.

You will find Quest ideal for personal spiritual enrichment or as an interactive small group experience. (Each chapter includes personal projects and small group discussion questions.) With nine short chapters under a hundred pages Quest is easy to read yet spiritually challenging! Expect to meet with God and let him change you!

Price: $9.00 per book

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13 Jars

13 Jars is a collection of true stories from women who chose to abort their baby and exposes the profound, irreversible consequences of their choice. These women’s stories reveal the devastating impact of abortion on men and women’s physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being. 13 Jars tells the stories of these women in a straight forward, non-offensive manner.

13 Jars would be a fitting book for those considering abortion, those who have had an abortion, those who counsel others or know others who have had an abortion, or simply for those who desire to protect unborn children and the parents of those children. The message of God’s amazing redemptive power through Jesus Christ shines through the darkness of these stories!

$7.00 per book

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