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In Bible times, people often built a heap of stones when they experienced a significant demonstration of God’s presence and power in their lives. The heap of stones stood as a memorial declaring to future generations God’s great kindness and activity in the lives of men and women.

Our goal with this website is to draw attention to the awesome character and works of God. We want to point you to existing “heaps of stones” and encourage you to build some of your own as you experience God’s work in your life.

When Joshua led the nation of Israel into the land of Canaan, this multitude of people had to cross the Jordan River. To demonstrate his presence and power in their lives, God parted the waters of the river for them allowing them to cross on dry ground. The Lord asked that a man from each of Israel’s twelve tribes pick up a large stone from the middle of the river and take it to the bank. There they were to heap up the stones as a memorial for the generations to come of what God had done. (Joshua 4:21-24)

Mission Statement: Equip the body of Christ with excellent resources that are free or low-cost.

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Rob Fischer Rob Fischer is a transformed follower of Jesus Christ. He is happily married to Linda (37 years) has three grown children and seven grandchildren. Rob currently serves as one of the pastors at Southside Christian Church. Rob loves to write, hike, work with wood and ride bicycle with Linda!

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